We offer high qualitative rental equipment as good as new, proofed and solely from brands with an international reputation !

Amongst others we rent equipment for women, men and kids such as:

  • 15, 12, 10, 8 Liter aluminium and steel tanks (manufactor: Coltri Sub, Scubapro)
  • BCD from Scubapro and Mares (X-One and Rover)
  • Regulators (1st and 2nd stage) from Scubapro and Mares (MK2 EVO with R195 and Prestige 15x) all with pressure gauge and Octopus) 
  • 5mm and 3mm long and 3mm Shortys from Mares and Scubapro
  • Fins with boots from Scubapro and Mares
  • Masks with snorkel from Scubapro and Mares
  • Dive computers (Mares, Cressi)
  • Torches (Mares, Scubapro)
  • Underwater camera GoPro 8 with underwater case

Our boats have 14 resp. 12 places and are each equipped with DAN-Oxygen-case and DAN Emergncy-case.  

Of course we have radio and mobile telephones on board.

Since 2018 we are using our brand new COLTRI compressor MCH16 which provides us with 315 l of air per minute and an automatic humidity control system.